High Country Cabin is quietly tucked away in the foot of the Ben Ohau mountain range. Situated on farm land, it creates space and privacy to unplug from everyday busy life. The cozy cabin gives  stunning views over the surrounding mountains and is a 15 minute drive from Twizel. 
The Clay Cliffs of Omarama.
These tall pinnacles separated by narrow ravines are made of layers of gravel and silt, originally formed by the flow from ancient glaciers over a million years ago.
The scenery is stunning and it’s an easy walk to see the cliffs. However, if you want to walk amongst them, then things get a little more adventurous. There’s no set path and there is some scree to negotiate.
The view is very much worth the climb up the rocky terrain and the colours of the cliffs are truly gorgeous. 
My biggest surprise here was all the pigeons nesting in gaps of every rock face, what a place to call home. 
A highly recommended stop on the South Island.  

Another visit to Mt Cook National Park. We strolled along the Hooker Valley track for the second time and took a helicopter flight up to Tasman Glacier. This place is a must see from the sky.

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