A quick stop to marvel at Mt Batur and Mt Agung, our trip was only five days so we didn't have time to climb either of them. 
Bali, full of stunning vistas, rich greens and friendly locals. 
We stayed just north of Ubud, outside the bustling tourist area. It was very quiet, we visited local restaurants where the food was absolutely delicious and ridiculously cheap. 
We visited a handful of waterfalls that were overflowing with visitors. I love waterfalls but it is possible to get sick of seeing them, they are everywhere here. 
We made the long ride out to the remarkable Besakih Temple, the revered Mother Temple of Bali that rises majestically on the western slopes of Mount Agung. 
We spent plenty of time watching locals go about their everyday lives, mostly tending to the plethora of rice fields here. 

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